Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some answers

Hi everyone!  Hope your New Year is coming along just the way you want it to.

A big thanks for all the wonderful comments about my snowmen collection.   Yes, I have a lot of them, and no, I don’t know how many but that might be a fun thing for Emma and Mason to count some year.   (It might keep them busy for a few extra minutes) Winking smile

Some of you wanted to know the names of the quilts, so here ya go.

The first one is called “Whig Rose” and it’s by Betty Alderman.   The pattern was in the December 2002 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.


The quilts on the twin beds in Emma’s room were from Eddie Bauer Home and I bought them back in 2002.


This one is called “Golden Comfort” and it’s by Piece by Piece.


A few of you with good eyesight asked about the Santa quilt I was using on table.   It’s in an Art to Heart book called “Santa’s Coming” and was made for me by my good friend, Marsha. (no blog)


If you need a better view of it let me know and I’ll take a straight on picture when I’m finished un-decorating.  Right now you can’t even see it due to all the things that are on the table waiting to find a home. 

Most of the questions came about this next quilt.  It’s called “Seasons” and it’s from a book called “A Nice Mix” by Gerry Kimmel.   The little seasonal critters (bunny, pig with flag, squirrel, snowman) were original designs by Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool.  I took a class from her and she included her designs in the class.   You certainly could add your own if you wanted to but the original quilt is just the houses and trees.  


This last little wool guy was made by Janet and I don’t know the name of the pattern.  If you know what pattern it is, drop me a note or a comment and I’ll be sure and do an update.  


Speaking of Janet, thank you for your prayers and good thoughts.   She continues to recover and is now in a rehab facility undergoing physical, occupational and speech therapy.   She is healing nicely with an occasional setback, but remains positive.  No date for release, but we’re hoping it’s not too far away.   As soon as she’s better, I’ll ask her what pattern it is if someone hasn’t already told me.

Final answer is to the question “where do you store it all”?.    Most of it goes in the garage on shelves.   Mr. CnW never complains about all the work he has to do getting it all down and then putting it all back.   I guess after all these years, it’s just part of the process.  LOL   Thanks Mr CnW.  The stuff that is sensitive to the weather (candles etc) stays inside in the storage area under the stairs.  See?  Not so bad.

I have a lot of pictures of stores that I visited during the holidays that let me take pictures.   I’m going to blog about them even though it’s long past Christmas.  The shop owners were all so nice about letting me take pictures and blog about their stores, that I feel I need to give them that respect.   Anyway, I hope you’re not too tired of more santas, snowmen, angels etc because I’ll be blogging about them in the next few days.   

Hugs, Anne


Suburban Stitcher said...

Love that little applique quilt!

Brenda said...

I love the Seasons quilt. The extra little touches add a lot of personality to it.

karen said...

Thanks for the info Peaches :) Good to see you blogging again :)

Hugs - Karen

Lori said...

You are so kind to post the info on the quilts. I look forward to seeing the shop info. I always think it is nice when they allow us to take photos.

Tina said...

Oh Thank You so much for this great information! You are VERY kind!!

quilting Jeannet said...

Anne, I love your style and your wonderfull blog, it is on my bloglist!

Warm greetings, Jeannet

Country Prims said...

Thanks anne for the info!
Looking forward to seeing the store pics you have-never too much Christmas for me!lol!

carolyn said...

Love them all. Thanks

Karen said...

The Seasons quilt is my favorite. So prim style good. And I made one of those Santa quilts that you are using on the table. I sent it to my great grand-daughter a few years ago.
I used to have chicken items all over the house. When my quilting buddies were here one day, we played a game where they had to find and count them. Prize for the one who came the closest.

Sue said...

What a great post with lots of goodies for us to enjoy. Thank you for sharing the names of the quilts.

Candace said...

Hi Anne! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I am amazed at all the work that went into your beautiful quilt! I would find it hard to put any of them away! Mr. CnW is quite a guy for schlepping all the decorations back and forth - kudos to him! Glad to hear Janet is recovering!

Anna said...

I NEVER get tired of seeing your house and quilts!

Sharon said...

WOW I'm impressed you know where all those quilts came from. I'd be in trouble. Do you put labels on them? That is something I need to start doing with dates.
I love that Santa one on your table. So cute.

carolyn said...

did you ever find out who the snow man with stars comes from. I sure would like to make that one. Thanks, Carolyn

Talin's Corner said...

Picture Perfect! Your rooms look like those you find in magazines. I love the twin beds/Emma's room.