Friday, March 23, 2012

e-mail issues

A few weeks ago, I left a message on Kim’s blog offering her a book that she was looking for.   When I didn’t hear back from her, I went back to her blog and gave her my e-mail address.    Not long after that, I received a reply from her asking if I’d gotten the email she’d sent to my “gmail” account.    gmail?   Hmmmm, hadn’t I had closed that account years ago? 

So, after searching high and low for my password, I finally found it, logged on and…  guess how many e-mails were there! 
100?  No 
500?  Not even close
1000?  Nope. 
There were 2,037 e-mails sitting there which had never been read.  Yep, TWO. THOUSAND. AND. THIRTY. SEVEN. e-mails.   There were e-mails all the way back to 2009.
Now, you would probably say to yourself, “self, just delete them and forget you even discovered them”, right?   Well, a lot of them were asking specific questions about patterns, quilts, fabric, techniques etc.  The writers had probably long forgotten about their questions.  

Then, I found quite a few that had been sent around the time my Mom was ill, wondering where I was.  I feel terrible that I never acknowledged those.  But, I feel worse about all the personal notes that were sent to me when my Mom passed away.    I’m sure they would have been as much comfort to me then as they are now.    To all of you who sent me condolences, thank you so much and I’m so sorry I never got back to you.
Candace at Squash House Quilts had mentioned this issue to me a few years ago, but I wasn’t sure where I put the password, and thought it was just her e-mails that were going there. She knew my “regular” e-mail, so we carried on our conversations there and I thought that was the end of it.

One of the other things I figured out was that any time I commented on a blog and the blogger answered my comment, it went into the gmail account. In other words, the conversation stopped there and probably appeared to the blogger as though I had ended it. To all those of you, I also apologize.
I have tried to figure out how to delete the gmail account tied into my blog, but can’t seem to even find where it lists that account. I’m now just checking it regularly. It just adds one more thing to my Blogger issues! Winking smile

(Issue now resolved with the help of Dya who told me to check my Profile settings....  Thanks Dya!   You're THE BEST)

I’m actually reading all of them and answering all the questions that I can.  
If I don’t get back to you in the near future, please feel free to email me again to get whatever information you were wanting.  (If you even remember) Hehe

Here are my email accounts if you want to send me a note. or  

Well, since I can’t do a post without a picture or two, here is what I finally put in the frame that was supposed to have the little sheep.


It’s wool on a cotton background.   I got it from a Whimsicals book called “Pastimes”.    I like the simplicity of it. 

And here’s the March blanket  from Buttermilk Basin for my little hanging sheep.

Oops, gotta get back to reading emails…

Hugs, Anne


Candace said...

Hee -- I was sure you were ignoring me all that time, Anne (wink)! I'm glad you figured out where all the emails went - and actually read them - now that was quite a feat in itself!

Colleen said...

So glad you got your issues solved! Now that is a LOT of e-mail love coming your way :o)

Florida Farm Girl said...

I may be out in left field here, but I think you must have a gmail account to use Blogger. I know my blog emails come to the gmail account as well as another one. If anyone out there knows the answer to whether or not the gmail account is required, please let us know.

Karen said...

I've had this happen to me as well...complete with several posts from my nephew complete with photos I'd heard of and was miffed I didn't get like the rest of the family! Who knew I was getting mail at a yahoo account I didn't know I had :-)

Glad you got the issue taken care of, you are a good woman to go thru them all!

Jenny M said...

Wow, I would have loved to see your face when you opened your gmail account up! Love the little blanket patterns.

Anonymous said...

Omgosh that was a lot of unopened emails to discover and now, in a way, to go down memory lane. I wonder if any from me are in there?
I sure enjoy seeing those sheep blankets. Makes me smile.

Fiesta said...

Wow,that's a lot of emails Anne. Your projects look great!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh my, so many!!! That'll keep you from quilting for a while :-(.
But you can choose the emailadress the notification has to be send to.
When you g to 'dashboard' -- then
'settings'---- followed by 'commets' --
you scroll down completely you'll see
'comment notification email'
There you can add the emailadress you want to use.
I don't think you can delete your google gmail adress, but I never get mails theresince I 'told them' what email to use for comments notifications.

If you ant to change the emal adress people can use to mail you directly, you can go to
on the left , under your picture (if you have one) it says:
view profile
edit profile etc.
click 'edit profile'
you'll see
and below that
There is your udername ( that you use to log in)
and below that is the emailadress you want people to use.

I so hope I made sence :-)) and that it helps a bit.
You can always mail me if you have questions, but please note: I'm not an expert, not even close. LOL
Dutch hug

Anonymous said...

ooww, I'm seriously blushing now :-)).
I'm glad it worked.
Dutch hugs

PamKittyMorning said...

HOLY COW. That's a lot of email. And you're so right, I did totally forget about my email and who asked me the question I asked you.
I had to get a gmail account with my new phone and it just causes me all kinds of trouble. xo

Kim said...

I'm such a troublemaker, aren't I?! LOL! I'm glad to see you're on your way to getting your email "life" back in order--and I'm glad the comfort you felt from condolence wishes was just as special now as it would have been then--caring thoughts really don't fade with time, do they?