Saturday, November 17, 2012

Antiquing with my girls.

In addition to going to Pacific International Quilt Festival, another reason for going to Calif last month was to attend The Three Speckled Hens antique show in Paso Robles.  It is billed as "Not Your Grandmother's Antique Show".   Lots of fun vintage finds and re-purposing of old items.    After paying our admittance fee, this ol crooner welcomed us.   

Here we are, ready to shop.   Marsha, Patty and me.

There were displays indoors and out.  We decided to start inside because it was a bit nippy outside.  

I fell in love with this bin.  I think it was a reproduction, but it was way too big to fit in the overhead compartment of the airplane, so I had to pass on it.   Wouldn't it look cute full of pumpkins in the fall, greenery in the winter and flowers in the spring/summer?   Darn, now I wish I had gotten it.  :)

These lettered pillows seem to be "the thing" this year.  

A new way to recycle all our old white gloves?   Hmm, not so sure about it.

But, I thought this was very clever.  It would look so cute in a little girl's room.  

Farm animals anyone?

Checkout this old typewriter.   I think I used to have one like it!

Fun jewelry.

Does anyone know what this is?    We couldn't figure it out so had to ask.   I'll tell you next post.  

Some old drafting tools.

After walking around inside, we headed outside.The fog had burned off and it was a beautiful fall day.  

Marsha found a tray she thought she'd repaint but after bonding with it for awhile, she decided she really liked the teal color.   Consider it "Sold".

Now THIS is what you call a bar sink!  Cracked us up.

If you're all out of beer, fill it with flowers.  

Patty was seriously considering buying this little desk but in the end, she passed on it.  

Wouldn't this look great mounted on the wall as a headboard?   I'm sure it sold.  

I forgot to take pictures of what I bought.   I got a long wire basket to hand on the wall and some old milk jars in a wire basket.      

If you're ever on the central coast of Calif and this show is going on, you really must go.   It was so much fun seeing the creativity some people have.   

Toodle Loo, Anne


Kathie said...

cute stuff would have been hard leaving a few of those pieces behind, love the sink bar so funny!
ok did they have any antique snowmen????
memories of my tyepwriter came flying back oh my these kids have it so easy with spell check now and not having to retype the whole page!
thanks for sharing your trip with us

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Phew! I just counted the doors in the upstairs of my 101 year old money pit! Yep! All 7 are still hanging! I was afraid one had been absconded with!
One has to love hundred year old houses...cuz its illegal to burn 'em down!!!!

paulette said...

Well, I enjoyed that!! I'm with you on that wooden bin!! Loved it! So the wooden stand...I'm thinking coffin stand? I look forward to your next post! 'Dying' to know!:o)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Sounds like my kind of place. I've been to Round Top a couple of times and loved every minute of it. Since my friend has moved, I no longer have my local Texas buddy to put me up and go junking with me there. Ah well. Oh, I think you shoulda bought that bin and shipped it home!!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, what fun. I actually think I know what the thing is that you asked about. I saw one on Good Morning America yesterday morning.

Jenny said...

What a fun trip you had! The central coast is one of my all time favorite places to be! I too love that bin...LOL

WoolenSails said...

Lots of fun things, we hit an antique store today, too. No good antiques, but I did find some nice quilting books. That looks like an old pressing board, but I just like it, no matter what it is, would be nice to make into something.


Missie of Hallbrook Designs said...

Looks like a fun day! I would guess the mystery item is a step ladder, chair, ironing board handy dandy combo item?

Candace said...

How I love shows like this! And, hey - that's MY old typewriter - lol! Had one just like it in college! That stand looks like some sort of drying rack? Glad you and the girls had a good time!

Kindred Quilts said...

Oh my! My kind of place, but a bit of a drive from Iowa. Going crazy over all the old Christmas goodies! So what is that "thing..." my first thought was a wash tub stand, but it looks too tall, and not quite sturdy enough. Please tell!

Hogan's Adventure said...

Now I'm really mad I didn't buy the desk, I think it would have been perfect. Next time I hesitate, hit me!!!!!

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