Thursday, February 27, 2014


I had a few inquiries about this quilt.   I couldn’t answer you individually because you are “no reply” commenters.  That means that your email address doesn’t show up when I try to reply back to you.    You might want to change that in your settings.  A couple of blogs that have instructions on how to do that are Woolie Mammoth and Humble Quilts.  Good Luck.


The quilt can be found in the book “A Nice Mix” by Gerry Kimmel-Carr.   It is out of print but you might try eBay or Amazon for used copies. 

The little critters in each row were designed by Verna Mosquera who was the teacher I took the class from.   Those are not part of the original design in the book.  

Good Luck in your search for the book.  

I want to thank all of you who took the time to stop by and comment on my little quilt show.   It really meant a lot to me. 

I’m getting the pictures together for the February projects that Sandy and I did.  Hoping to get that posted tomorrow!

Hugs, Anne


Mimi said...

That is the perfect quilt!

Carol said...

What a wonderful quilt Anne ???love your special touches...I have one brand new copy of the book from when I had the shop....happy to sell it for my cost $9 plus postage if some one wants it.

Sherrill said...

Well darn, the little critters are what make it exceptionally cute!! I'm probably a 'no reply' tho I have done EVERYTHING possible that I can to fix it. It's very aggravating! Thanks!

Karen said...

Oh yes, I recognize the house pattern. A nice touch with the added animals.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

That is simply adorable! I couldn't imagine the quilt without the little animals in it.

Lori said...

I do think the animals makes this quilt so special!

Florida Farm Girl said...

OMG, girl!! I've been looking at some of Gerry Kimmel-Carr's books and I think I am in love. Just like I need more books, I may have to find just one or two of them.

Kim said...

I KNEW I'd seen this pattern somewhere recently--yep, I had been looking through my older Red Wagon quilt books just the other day, so that must be where I saw it! I love those patterns, don't you? My friend and I picked up the old Snowbound book at the quilt show this weekend for $2--I already had it so she ended up with the bargain!