Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sewing with Sandy in May

Oops, I’m a day late… So sorry but the weather has been so nice I’ve been walking and sitting outside.  

Anyway, on with the projects. 

I got to pick our May projects.  First up…the monthly Buttermilk Basin “By thy hands” BOM

Here’s Sandy’s.DSCN0293

And this one is mine.


A little display.


This next one was a freebie off the internet.  Sorry, no name and no designer. 

Don’t you love the frame and background Sandy chose?


This one is mine.  


Next up is a little quilt from Primitive Gatherings called “Back in Time”, designed by Lisa Bongean.   We both were drawn to this quilt because of the cheddar fabric.  Yummy!

Sandy used fabrics from her stash.


I had a kit.  Funny thing about the kit.   I bought it a couple of years ago,  but when it came time to start working on it, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I tore my nest apart looking for it but never did. ( I think Jack, the cat, knocked it off my sewing table into the waste basket.  Thankfully, Karen came to my rescue and let me have the kit she bought.  Thanks Karen. 

Now, not to toot my own horn, but those of you who have followed me for awhile know that I “quilt by check”.  Well, not this time.   The center is machine quilted and the borders are HAND quilted…by ME!  Woo Hoo!!!


Up next is another Buttermilk Basin pattern called “Winter Welcome Runner”.   Sandy’s looks like the pattern.  


I decided to just stitch the center and frame it.   


And lastly, the quilt of the month chosen from the book, “101 Fabulous Small Quilts” is called “Jacob’s Ladder”.   This is the largest one that we’ve made so far.  (30” x 30”)

Here’s Sandy’s.


And mine.  


Sew, that’s it for May.   Gotta get to work on June.   It might get tougher to get them done this summer because I’d rather be outside and Sandy has a farm to run.   We’ll try tho….just for YOU!

Till next time… (I was gonna say “month”, but since I’m late posting this, I’ll try be on time in June)  LOL

Hugs, Anne


paulette said...

I REALLY look forward to our monthly get togethers! You gals out did usual!! Loved EVERYTHING!!

Leeanne said...

Lovely creative makes!

Friendship Crossing said...

Gorgeous little quilts!! adorable as usual!!


Nancy said...

Love all the projects in both versions! Wondering if you can share link to the wooly snowman applique??

Darlene said...

Here I am again - woohoo!! I wait anxiously each month for the project(s) reveal.

Love everything!

marguerittechiffons said...

Your snowman are very beautiful . I love buttermilk Basin .

Janet O. said...

I was going to go to bed and finish reading blogs in the morning, but I saw your post and I had to read it now. Your projects are always things I would love to do (I do have some of the patterns set aside for the future), and I am ever in awe of how much the two of you accomplish! And all of it is delightful! Thanks for the monthly dose of inspiration--and good job on the quilting! : )

Country Prims said...

Amazing work as alway! Love everything you both have made. I love to see a post from you on my reading list. Just at my morning coffee and I'm inspired for the day. Great to have a stitching pal!

Carol said...

Another wonderful month girls are amazing!

moosecraft said...

Wow! Absolutely amazing how much stitching the two of you are accomplishing! Every piece is perfection! :-)

Jacqueline said...

What a great May you had. I loved seeing all the projects.

Karen said...

I have been looking forward to seeing your post about the month's accomplishments. And you didn't disappoint with all the goodies the two of your made. And you are creating friendship memories along the way.

Lori said...

Gorgeous May projects Anne! Way to go on quilting your own. It is easier when the projects are smaller.

Loris said...

These are all so lovely. and I love the framing! I look forward to seeing your projects each month. What a fun friendship you have.

Jeanna said...

Wow! You and Sandy sure were busy in May. I love all of your projects...especially the snowmen!

Enjoy your outside time this summer!

Wendy said...

You both are very inspiring and I look forward to your reveal each month. Thanks so much.

MARCIE said...

Oh my gosh, you and Sandi have way too much fun! Darling projects! You put me in a pinning frenzy!

antique quilter said...

of course you KNOW i am going to tell you how much I love the snowmen :) love the welcome sign with the black frame perfect!
always love seeing what you and your friends are working on…. off to read some of the other posts I have missed on my hiatus from the computer!

White Weathered Hutch said...

Love your wee quilts and designs!
It gives me inspiration to start quilting again.
Especially love the snowman in the frame from the internet.