Thursday, March 31, 2016

March show and tell

Happy spring everyone.   Doesn't it feel good to have some warm sun shining on you?   Yesterday was the first fairly warm day in Central Oregon and it was so refreshing. Hoping for  more days just like it.  

We had our monthly show and tell last week at our Woolies gathering and we had a few more participants than last month.  So, here we go.

First up, Leslie had 3 projects for us.   She's really been bitten by the wool craze.  It's fun to have another addicted friend!

She made these next two from the "101 Fabulous Small Quilts book "

Linda showed us her Buttermilk Basin goodies.

The last 2 blocks are the first blocks of a Halloween quilt.

Sandy was very productive getting this applique quilt completely finished.  It's designed by Norma from Timeless Traditions.   We both bought the kit at the same time....hers is finished...mine?   Not so much!

Hopefully you'll see mine sometime!

This next one is part of the Indygo Junction monthlies.    It's the March installment.

These next ones are mine.  

My friend Patty in Calif, gave me the kit for this one as a Christmas gift.   I just love it.   It's called "Simplicity" by My Red Door Designs

And this one is called "Pinwheel Puzzle" and is part of the Kindred Spirits club by the ladies from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs. 

Another monthly from Buttermilk Basin is this little one for May in the series called "Sew" Simple BOM. 

And another Buttermilk Basin pattern called "C is for Chicks".  I bought the kit from Karen at My Yellow Farmhouse quite a few years ago.   Woo Hoo, another kit busted!

Funny thing about this next one.   Last year during the holidays, I was addicted to all the wonderful pictures on Instagram where people were sharing their decorating.  I kept seeing a theme of red and white quilts, so told myself that I was going to make myself one in 2016.   While looking thru all my unfinished quilts, I came upon an almost finished red and white Irish Chain.   I honestly don't even remember making it.   (Not good!).   Anyway, I got it finished in a day and off to the quilter it went.   

Like the one Sandy showed above, I did 2 of the Indygo Junction monthlies.   We both got the kits from Karen.   You can tell what months they are for.  LOL 

I think it was a very productive month for the group.   I'm continuing weeding through all my UFO's and kits.   I'm bound and determined to make a dent in the pile by the end of the year.  

Can you believe that tomorrow is April?  I'm really ready for some warmer weather but Springtime in Bend is pretty iffy.   Sun one day, snow the next.   You never know what you're gonna get.   Keeps us on our toes. 

See you next month. 

Hugs, Anne


Ann in PA said...

Always love your show and tell! Thanks for sharing. Can't believe that tomorrow is April 1st but I'm ready for April weather. (P.S. Glad I'm not the only one who "finds" projects I don't remember making. LOL)

Jacqueline said...

I think there are a lot of us in that "I don't remember" stage of life. Oh well it just gives us some surprises now and then.

Love all the eye candy.

Karen said...

Love love love it all. Fun to see what you girls come up with and it's always inspiring. 😘

Janet said...

Your show and tell monthly posts are some my favorites. I find them great inspiration to start some of the things on my list. This month was no exception... Thanks for the eye candy :)

Janet said...

Your show and tell monthly posts are some my favorites. I find them great inspiration to start some of the things on my list. This month was no exception... Thanks for the eye candy :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

How could you ever forget that gorgeous red and white quilt? I'm glad you got it all finished. I just finished up another wool front piece. Now to get a back on it and ready to hang somewhere. Good to hear from you.

Janet O. said...

Always so inspiring (and tempting) when you show and tell. So many things here to love and want to make!!
That must have been an incredibly happy surprise to find that red/white quilt almost finished. Looks beautiful!

Colleen said...

Love your show and tell! So nice to hear from you :o)

paulette said...

As usual, you and your woolie friends continue to WOW us!! Loved it all! So inspiring, the lot of you!!

Joan said...

Fun surprise, to see your blog! Great projects, you ladies are very inspiring! Good gift choice from the birthday girl, you finished it beautifully! Thank you Anne & friends for sharing! xo

Darlene said...

Another very productive month for you and your talented friends. Beautiful finishes.

Sandi said...

Wonderful show and tell Anne and some great inspiration. Love that April hare.

Lori said...

I love seeing your monthly projects!! Funny about the red and white Irish chain- I love it! You can decorate patriotic with it too.
I'm so happy to see the sun for a few days!

Karen said...

I'm on overload looking at all your pictures. So many wonderful smaller size projects. I have forgotten about a quilt I started much like you did with the red and white one. I think it is because we make so many quilts. I tend to forget the smaller size ones that I have given away.

Anonymous said...

Zo mooi allemaal. Complimenten. Groeten van Wilma

Hogan's Adventure said...

Oh my goodness, I've been living under a rock......I love love love all these projects...Sandy's basket quilt is absolutely so darn cute, one of my favorites all time! You are so inspiring.....did I already comment...with this brain every day is a new day!!!!!

kelley said...

wonderful and inspiring as those old Sarah Sporer blocks...the patterns have been on my to do pile for years...happy stitching