Friday, October 7, 2016

September show and tell - Part 2

I hope some of you were able to join us on Instagram.  There are lots of inspiring quilts, crafts and decorating.  You might get some good ideas.

On to Part 2.  

These are all mine.   Remember, this is 2 months worth. (wink)

This quilt by Geoff's Mom called "In the Meadow" is one that I did as a Block of the Month from my local quilt shop.    It was a UFO, so I got it all finished up this year and off to the quilter.   Now it's a ready for Christmas decorating.  

Another quilt by Quilts by Cheri. called "Pumpkin Patch" 

This was a kit that I got a couple of years ago called "Country 9 Patch" 

I made this scarecrow from a pattern called "Cooper"
by Homespun from the Heart.   It was an e-pattern that I found on etsy. 

I really love these wall hangings for outside on my entryway.  
This one is called "Trick or Treat" from Cottage Creek Quilts

A quick and easy wool project from My Red Door Designs
called " Harvest Time"

This next little one is called "Autumn Fest" by Chestnut Junction.
(Sandy made me the little scarecrow on the masher - cute, huh?)

I also made "Hocus the Halloween Cat" by Briar Root Primitives.  
I thought my kitty (Jack) might become friends with Hocus, but no such luck!  

And my Sept Indygo Junction block.    Still have 2 left to do.  

I'm almost finished with a year of these darling little hanging quilts 
from Buttermilk Basin called "Sew Simple BOM".  
This is October.  

and November

This is another e-pattern that I found on Etsy.   
I can't find the pattern right now to give you the name.   
It's a fun way to play with those old mattress springs you're seeing in all the antique stores. 

Another wonderful design by Cheri called "Liberty Baskets"
I don't have much in the way of patriotic quilts, and loved this one when I saw the pattern. 

Last but not least, another pattern from My Red Door Designs
called "Pumpkin Harvest".  I picked up the frame at a craft store.   

Well, that's it.  I'm so glad to be caught up.   
October looks to be a very busy month for me, so I'm not sure how much I'm going to get accomplished but I'm sure the other gals at Woolies will have lots to share this month. 

Happy Fall Y'all.  

Hugs, Anne  


Veronica said...

Ladies, you are so talented. I look forward to seeing your projects every month.

Lady Locust said...

I so agree with Veronica - very talented indeed. Something about nesting in fall compliments quilting:). They are all just lovely.

Sandy F said...

All of those projects are great. Love both posts. Thanks for doing that every month!!

Janet O. said...

Fall is my favorite season and I love all of your Fall projects, but Liberty Baskets really caught my eye--and I DO have LOTS of little patriotic quilts.
Great pattern from Geoff's Mom, too. : )

Janet said...

Lovely...thanks for sharing 😊

Janet said...

Lovely...thanks for sharing 😊

Joan said...

Oh my gosh! Every single one, I just love! Great work, clever patterns, thanks so much!! Now to figure out how to go on Instagram!!! xo

Claire said...

Wow, Anne, amazing projects! That would be about a year's worth for me! Love them all and your special touches for displaying your work are delightful. How great to have that snowman quilt done for winter, too. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us on your blog.

Tina said...

I have to agree that each one is just lovely and so perfect for this time of year. Well Done!

Wendy said...

Really enjoying the sharing of projects and displays on IG. It's so inspiring to see how you use your quilts etc in decorating. You've had a very productive couple months, everything is fantastic.

WoolenSails said...

I love seeing the work that you both do, so many beautiful pieces and inspires me to get moving and start some new ones, myself.
I love the rustic gray farm on the harvest piece, I need to think about that with all the frames I have.


Ruth said...

They are all wonderful! What fun to have the monthly wall hanging outside.

Ann in PA said...

Wow, what inspiration! I love everything!!! The Geoff's Mom pattern "In the Meadow" by Norma Whaley is a favorite pattern that I've had for several years now. Just this week I cut out the backgrounds and stars. Your timing is perfect...seeing your finished quilt is the "nudge" I need to begin the appliques. Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects.

Karen said...

Super wow! Love your projects this month. The cat with the pumpkin is oh so good. Perfect for Halloween.
I made the "In the Meadow" quilt. Well I made the top and gave it as a gift. Never did make one for myself.

Sandi said...

Somehow I've been missing reading your last three or four blog posts! My you've been busy along with your friends.

Love that Kansas Troubles Iceicles variation, your Sew Simple blocks are sweet.

I'm not a cat prison but Hocus Pocus is adorable, love that wide nose.

I picked up a few old bed springs and gifted several, that scarecrow is a great idea. I may have to come up with an idea where you could swap out the item seasonally..have to think on it.

I've I joked all you and your friend Instagram autumn decoration feeds. You exhaust me!

Hogan's Adventure said...

Holy cow Annie, you've been busy!!! Love everything you did, and the spring idea is so cute, I must try a snowman head for one of mine. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work...xoxoxo

Colleen said...

Amazing projects!!! Wow girl you really cook! Love them all :o)

Lori said...

So darn adorable!

Judy D in Upstate NY said...

I always get inspired when I read your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Smith said...

What a lovely batch of projects you've made! For some reason, I haven't seen your last few blog posts. I don't know why; I'll have to look into that. My goodness, you make more in 2 months that I could make in a year! I always come away so inspired after reading about your projects. Thank you for always sharing your work!