Saturday, March 31, 2012


I’ve recently joined an embroidery group that meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.   We meet at Sew Many Quilts (where I used to work) and we are headed up by Linda, one of the employees who is an embroidery “guru”.  


She showed us a new technique (new to us, anyway) of doing the satin stitch. 

This is the front of the design…typical satin stitch.



Here’s the back.



Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’ve done the stitch, the back looks like the front.   She starts her design by outlining with what she calls a “split backstitch”.  She then kind of weaves the satin stitch part thru the backstitch, but only on the front of the fabric.   I know that sounds very confusing, but maybe you could google the stitch and get an explanation.   Her stitches are always perfection and can answer any question anyone might have.


She just finished up this Crabapple Hill Designs pattern “Susan’s Dresden Plate”



I love how it combines embroidery, applique and piecing.   It’s a stunner!


Margaret was working on this  preprinted  panel called “Covered Bridges of Oregon”



and she had just finished up this “Redwork Sampler” by Betty Alderman Designs.




Here’s another goodie being worked on.  It’s called “Bluebird” by Crabapple Hill.




There was lots more going on, but I must have been flapping my mouth too much to remember to take pictures.  I’ll do better next time!   Winking smile

Hugs, Anne


Carol said...

That's an amazing stitch...what fun to be part of a group like that.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I loved seeing the embroidery - I have the bluebird pattern but haven't started it yet. And the bridges - oh, that's gorgeous! blessings, marlene

Quilt Hollow said...

Wish we had a fun little group like yours! That is a very neat stitch. I'd never seen that before. Where would one find that bridges panel? I know of a blog friend who would love to see that gifted. Enjoy your weekend!!

Quilt n Queen said...

An embroidery group...that would be so much fun...I am going to try that new technique for the satin stitch. I would have to say that the satin stitch is my least favorite stitch. I love to have a nice neat back. I was hoping to go to market again this year, but my DGD from Canada is coming to Michigan for a dance competition... that weekend...this is her second year of competitive dance and her first year she dances solo. We have to go and see her perform, so far we have just seen still life pictures, not videos. She looks amazing in still pictures. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend...hugs Pauline

Talin's Corner said...

Wow, how great is that? The back looking like the front, huh? That redwork quilt is amazing. It's great to be part of a group, especially when you are all there enjoying the same things. Have fun.

Sue said...

Oh mercy! I've never seen the satin stitch done that way before. That is beautiful!

I love those quilts! Oh the one with the covered bridges is fantabulous!! I just love covered bridges.

Thanks so much for sharing this bit of awesomeness!!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Love Linda's quilt, she does beautiful, perfect work. I look forward to someday getting to join a group too!!
The back looks so clean, love that!

Anna said...

OMG I can't wait to join the group!!! I have never seen the satin stitch done like that...must save on thread??? I think you and I should go to the next Crabapple retreat!

Sandy F said...

I love the look of the satin stitch. Will have to get a quick tutor. on that. Looks like fun group.

Lia said...

Such lovely group you have!!!
It's so good to have friends to work with, one incentivates the other...

Hey, here in Brazil, we use this stitch to make a "shadow" on the reverse of the fabric, that's it's name. Shadow stitch, but the strong stays on the reverse side... ;-)

Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing the satin stitch tip. I will definitely try it out. I would think it raises up higher than doing it the other way??

Waterrose said...

I love that covered bridge quilt....wonderful blog!

Candace said...

Now that is an incredible satin stitch, Anne! I need to find out about that! I think I've been doing embroidery ever since I first learned to hold a needle and have never heard of it! Everyone's projects are gorgeous! What are you working on?

Carrie P. said...

My satin stitch looks the same on the back too. That is very interesting and very neat looking.
Love that bluebird pattern. I am off to see about it.

jackiero said...

I love Linda's version of "Susan's Dresden Garden" quilt! I just came from Crab Apple Hills website & notices she changes it about, beautiful! Do you know what fabrics Linda used?
Take care Anne, I'm always waiting for your blogs....they are great :)

Michelle May said...

Oh wow! Everything is so beautiful!

kavita sharma said...

very nice quilting and beautiful design I love all the design and color combination in quilt.

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