Thursday, March 29, 2012

More honey-dos

I got a new chair for my nest and wanted Mr. CnW to whip me up a new end table.  I didn’t want it taking up too much space, so gave him the dimensions and let him work his magic.
The chair that I had there was just too big.  It was a chair and a half and a twin sofa sleeper.   We moved it to Mr. CnW’s den and it looks so much better there.   This one is a much better size for the nest.
Here’s the chair with a little bench I was using for an end table in the meantime.   (He also made that a few years ago).


And here’s the new table.


I’ve got more room for storage with the shelf on the bottom.
I decided not to get a matching ottoman because we had the trunk in our storage room and it seemed like such a waste to not use it.    I can always order one later if I decide to, but for now I’m liking the trunk.  (more storage space.  LOL)

Here’s a little pillow I made for my friend Patty whose birthday is Saturday.


Kinda like the way it looks there.  Hmmm.

The pattern is a freebie from Jan Patek.  It was offered on her blog last fall, I think.

Well, it's looking like the things on my "honey do" list are almost all completed.  I know Mr. CnW is looking forward to more golf and fewer "jobs" as the warmer weather gets here.  It just gives me more time to start his list for next winter...

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Hugs, Anne


Carol said...

I love your new chair...I've been looking for a new chair for my sewing room..I also have a large chair up there, I think it's a chair and a half with a very big's so comfy but just too big. I need to find one like yours. Perfect size and the best color. What a great side table...Mr. CnW is soooooo talented.

Shelley said...

I likey very much! Would you be willing to share the dimension so my handy hubby could make one too :)

bea rico said...

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Bea rico

bea rico said...

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Bea rico

bea rico said...

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Bea rico

Lori said...

So lovely! How nice to have such a talented hubby!!

bea rico said...

Un abrazo
Bea rico

Darlene said...

Love the new table! Mr CnW is a very handy fella. :-)

Love, love, love your new chair. I've searched high and low for one just like it.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Great job Mr. CnW, oh yes, more golf weather is what I want for sure. Love the chair and the new table is a perfect height for the chair, your magazines are right handy for browsing. Your nest is very cozy!

Talin's Corner said...

That table looks perfect with "your" chair. Enjoy. I can see hours spent reading, quilting, or just watching tv in that comfy chair.

Karen said...

You know I'm loving the chair peaches and the table is perfect - perfect for the nest :). I bet Patty loved the pillow :).

Hugs - Karen

Sandy F said...

Love, love, love the chair. So perfect for the nest and the right amound of color. Mr. CnW did an awsome job with the table. Looks like you are set for some heavy duty stitin'.

Kathie said...

LOVE your new chair! cute pillow
ok that end table is just perfect, nice shelf and oh my I love that black tray with the handle on the top did he make that too?????
your lucky to have a handy man!

Karen said...

After golf season, can I borrow Mr. C&W please?
I could use a cute side table too. Oh yes, and when he comes by, just have him bring that chair with's exactly what my sewing studio needs and is my favorite color. Thanking you in advance (smiling sweetly)

Florida Farm Girl said...

A nice comfy chair is an absolute requirement for any efficient studio!!! I just got a new one for myself, too! Lots of wonderful hand work can be done there. Have Fun!

Rose Marie said...

What a perfect spot you have .... great little table and love that trunk!

Hogan's Adventure said...

Thank you Annie B. for my pillow, love love love it...missing you!!!!


Michelle May said...

Love! Love! Love! What a fabulous place to sit and stitch!

Stephanie said...

Handy hubbies have happy wives. You have such an inviting home.