Monday, June 18, 2012

More Moda pics

Sweetwater Designs is made up of Karla Eisenach, Susan Kendrick and Lisa Burnett.   Karla is the mom to  two darling girls.   Their fabric designs are so wonderfully clean and pretty.  

They have an etsy shop and sell all these products there.

 Their newest fabric line is called Mama Said Sew.   Here's Mama Karla.  

The American Jane booth is always so delightful with it's primary colors.  

And this is Sandy Klop who is the brains behind it all.  

Bonnie and Camille were not in their booth when I went by, but here's a look at how cute it was.

Two of the funniest and most fun gals are Me and My Sister, better known as Barb and Mary.   Not only are they sisters, but they are also best friends.  

Isn't their booth so cute.  Check out the clothespins holding up the quilts.

Sandy Gervais of Pieces from my Heart is the "oldest" Moda designer.   Now...I don't mean she's the OLDEST, she's just been there the longest!    I can't remember how many lines of fabric she's produced but, trust me, it was a big number.  

Moda has 3 new designers that were introduced at market.   This is Vanessa Christensen of V and Co.   Isn't she darling?   Her fabric line is called Simply Color and it's an ombre fabric that is shaded from dark to light.   She's used it in the flowers in the quilt behind her.    I

And everyone knows Pat Sloan.    She's the busiest person I've ever met.    Her new line is called Eat Your Fruits n Veggies.  

Wouldn't an apron look cute out of some of these designs?

This is Brigitte Heiland.   She's the newest contemporary designer for Moda and she's from Germany.  It's so interesting talking to her and seeing the quilting world through her eyes.  

So, that's it for the Moda ladies.    I hope I didn't leave anyone out.     Oh wait, I did.   Basic Gray was right next to us, but every time I had my camera out, they were so busy I never got a picture.    Sorry!

Still more to come.

Hugs, Anne


Bev said...

Thanks for taking and posting pictures from Market! I never get to go and it's great to see your pictures! You rock!

Cheery wave from

Susie Q said...

Hi Anne, its as good as being there well not quite as I cannot buy anything, but that's probably a good job as I may have bought too much! Thanks for taking the pictures and posting. Susie x

paulette said...

Wow!! You got to meet all the quilting celebrities!! Pretty impressive...and how lucky to see all the original quilts!!Yowzers!

Lynn said...

I've enjoyed going to market "virtually" through your blog. It is a good thing 'eye candy' doesn't have calories!

Lori said...

Love Moda. How fun to meet the designers!