Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Starry Pines and Thimblecreek

I met Connie of Starry Pines Pattern Co one day when we were setting up the booths.  We bonded over the humidity and our sweaty bodies.  LOL   

One of her new quilts is called The Red Chair and it's so darn cute.   And all done in cottons and wool.  Just my style.

Look how the rug is woven with the wool.  

I love the simplicity of this next quilt.    Might have to add it to the list of "to dos".  

Connie really does a wonderful job with her wool designs.  

She recently started a blog, so check it out.  

And here are two of my good friends from Thimblecreek Quilt Shop in Concord, Ca.    It's the shop where I learned how to quilt.    Roxie and Joe are the husband and wife team that own the shop and now have their own patterns as well.    If you are ever in northern California, be sure and head over to their store.  And tell them I sent you!

The house quilt is right up my alley.  

You might recognize the quilt on the right.   It's called Ryokan and was the cover photo quilt on an issue of Quiltmania magazine.   It's a really striking quilt.  

And even more eye candy.

When I went past the Cotton Tales booth, there wasn't anyone in it so I hope they don't mind that I took pictures.    

Here's This and That Patterns

I smiled every time I walked past this Dr Seuss display.    I know Emma and Mason would have loved it.  

And check out these gorgeous Thimbles by TJ Lane.  They are so lightweight and comfortable.  If you ever want to treat yourself....this is where to go.  

I think I can wrap this all up in 2 more posts, so stay tuned....

Hugs, Anne


paulette said...

Keep 'em coming...I am enjoying every moment!!

Meredith said...

Ienjoy and still have a book that Thimble Hill Creek Shop published. Great photos. I enjoy them all. What does that say about me? I would love you to share more. I hope you had the best time. I follow your blog but do not comment much but I am working on that. LOL.

moosecraft said...

Wow! There is at least one pattern I'd love to have from each booth.... but the Cotton Tales one has me wanting them all! lol! I do hope someone offers the red chair quilt as a BOM... I'd sign up in a heartbeat!

Beth said...

I am right there with you adding more 'want to do' projects to my list. What a lot of beautiful quilts.