Monday, October 29, 2012

Comfort and Joy #7

Moving right along here.   It's hard to believe that Christmas is only 2 months away and the quilt could possibly be hanging up for the holidays.    Only one more section to go and then it just finishing up the borders with a bit of applique on them.  

So, here's Sandy's (no blog...I know, you know that by now).  I'm think I want to swap mine out for hers.  

This one is mine.   My heart looks so light but it really seems a bit darker in real life.   (That's my story and I'm stickin to it!)

See?  It's almost finished!  Don't you wish you had joined us?  ;)

Now go visit the rest of the gang and see what they have stitched up.


Living near the mountains, you can always tell when winter is coming.  When the snow is almost gone, you know that cold and snow are right around the corner.  This picture was taken on October 9th.  Even the leaves on the trees haven't turned yet.

Then, last Monday, the 22nd, we woke up to this...  Jack was actually trying to catch the snowflakes through the window. It was pretty funny.

Well, it didn't stick for very long, but the mountains got quite a bit.    I love looking at them with all that beautiful snow.  Skiers are jumping with joy!  I'm jumping with joy that it's not on the streets yet.  Not a fan of driving on the snow and ice.    Yikes!

To all our friends on the east coast....stay safe.  Sounds like a monster of a storm is headed your way!  (The name "Sandy" sounds a bit wimpy for this one).  We'll be sending good thoughts your way.

Hugs, Anne


Darlene D said...

Your quilt is so beautiful, and yes I wish I had joined. As for the storm, it does sound like a monster. I'm on the east coast of Canada and we are expected to get some wind and rain but not a direct hit. Not sure if you've heard this or not, but here they are calling it Frankenstorm!!

Kathie said...

Thanks. I am so hoping they predicted this storm wrong! Love the snow capped mtns. Beautiful. Love your new blocks wow done by Christmas I will be so impressed!

Carrie P. said...

love watching your progress.
what a view.
we might get some snow from the hurricane/noreaster today or tomorrow. Just a dusting maybe.

Bev said...

Love your quilt and yes, I do wish I had started when you did!

Cheery wave!


merumo said...

wonderful progress on your Comfort and Joy. I can't believe we ONLY have two months away till Christmas? But I'm sure your quilt will be ready by that time :)

Having snowy day already? Ms. Limo sends her warm doggie hugs to Jack boy!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful quilt and enjoy seeing the blocks as they are done. Your area is beautiful, but can't imagine snow yet. Today we are hunkered down for the storm, rain and wind, but nothing bad yet. The low lying areas and ocean are coming over the barriers, though.


Lori said...

How exciting to be close to a finish! Love your block!!

paulette said...

I LOVE THIS QUILT and YES, I am kicking myself for not joining in! Just gorgeous!! This block is one of my favourites!!

Loris said...

Comfort and Joy is really lovely. The crow and basket is one of my favorite blocks.
Love the photos of your beautiful view of the mountains. Where has the water gone in that last photo? Just curious :-)

Hogan's Adventure said...

I think its so sweet that you made me that quilt....I mean you know how much I love Christmas and I have a big wall that it will work on just perfectly.


Anna said...

I really do wish I had joined you but I know I would not have kept up! Jack looks so cute in the window.

kelley said...

I sure wish I'd joined you too...the quilts are going to be fabulous...

Candace said...

Darn - I should have joined this one, Anne! Maybe next year! Gosh, I can't believe how low the river got in such a short time (that's the fisherwoman in me) and I'm really glad we haven't seen any of the white stuff yet!

Kaaren said...

Great job, Anne! Love the colors!

Mine should be on it's way back to me from my friend who custom quilted it for me. I can't wait to see it!

The snow covered mountains look postcard perfect. I think it looks better in your neck of the woods than in mine so I don't mind if you keep it there. *wink*

Sinta Renee said...

Yes, it does make me wish I had joined in! Beautiful photos! I live in the foothills myself and love seeing the change of season's around me. Your area looks gorgeous!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi lovely,

I am always filled with longing when I see your beautiful quilts. This must be one of my all-time favourites! It looks so festive and warming!

And you got snow!! Yayyy! I love snow!!


Leeanne said...

I have just found your blog! What a treat, I am now a follower. I do wish I could have joined you on the journey of the lovely primitive Christmas quilt you are making, it is lovely!!!

Mary said...

What a Beautiful Quilt it will be! Hugs, Mary

Mama Spark said...

Beautiful quilt, beautiful view. Stunning cat. I miss my Jack = (