Thursday, October 18, 2012

We have a winner!

Thanks to all of you who commented and told me your favorite Halloween candy.    The winner by a landslide was Candy Corn, and I have to admit, I would have named it my favorite too.    When I buy a package of it, I have to have Mr. CnW hide it and dole it out in small doses to me.    It's so very addicting.

Anything and everything chocolate came in second and I guess I can include myself in that category too.   Oh my, I've given myself away!   I'm a sugar addict!

On to the winner.    I had Mr. CnW pick a number and he picked 25.  No rhyme or reason, just 25.   So, the new owner of the fall wool mat is Merumo, who said....

"I love them all!  Those little pillows are calling me, besides the wool mats :O  Thank you for sharing your beautiful fall decorations.  I enjoyed a lot.  And, I love iPhone too"

(Maybe Merumo doesn't eat Halloween candy....:)

So, Merumo, email me your address and I'll get the little mat in the mail to you quickly.

I didn't take any pictures of the quilts at the show (shame on me), but head over to Anna's blog.  Over the next few days she's going to be showing the pictures she took.

Here's a picture of my purchases.    I love the plaid wools I got.    I was literally sitting on the floor of the booth digging through the pile to find just the perfect ones.  Don't even try to picture that!   LOL

And, I thought I'd share with you the gas prices that the people in California are suffering with.  Something needs to be done about this!  It's outrageous!

I'll be back with pictures of the antique show and also The Farm at Avila.    We had such a good time.

Hugs, Anne


Kathie said...

oh pretty plaids, oh I see snowmen there.....can't wait to see that one made up!!!!!!
love snowmen!!!!
good for you with the quilt along sometimes it is just hard to wait each month to make the blocks you get too excited to get the quilt done!

marie said...

The wool is yummy! UGH--those gas prices are horrid. I'd have to park my truck and walk.

Colleen said...

Ohhhh those are some pretty plaid wools! I have also been the one sitting on the floor digging at a wool booth at a show here too, lol. I will do anything for nice wool!

Congratulations to your lucky winner :o)

Candace said...

Looks like I missed a fun contest, Anne! Congrats to the winner. I'm with you - give me sugar and I'm on the moon! Candy corn is definitely #1 on my list. Yikes - I thought we were high at $4.15! Makes you want to get our your bicycle for those short trips - or sled dog in the winter - lol!

Anonymous said...

Love the wools. I have been picking up wools here and there, no idea what I will do with them. Time will tell.

And I can you the prices ARE crazy here in CA. The Governor was to release some 'winter' gas to help, but I have only seen a two cent drop.

blessings, jill
found you through kindred quilts

annie said...

congrats to your winner!
I hate high gas prices, they rob poor folk of food right off their tables, and out of their kids mouths.

kelley said...

Congrats to Merumo...she makes such beautiful things so the win will be put to good that wool...gotta do what it takes to get the good stuff...

those little pillows in your last post inspired me to set up a swap between some friends...

so sorry about your gas prices...that is crazy! we are having a little gas war locally and it's 3.24...

merumo said...

Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! I'm too excited to say something right now. I'm thrilled!!

Sandy Feigner said...

nice houses.

Sandy Feigner said...

Your houses look great

paulette said...

Hi Anne! I don't think I have ever had Candy Corn...always go for the chocolate bars!:o}}
Love your purchases...the wool is wonderful and will be PERFECT for your snowman runner!!
Have a wonderful weekend!