Monday, October 15, 2012

Country Homecoming speeding up!

Well, I was motivated for about a minute after the last post.    Paulette and I were "chatting" and I was telling her how these blocks are weighing me down and how I'm struggling with them so much.   She suggested that we speed up the process and make more than one house per month.  

So, after "talking" with all the other bloggers, we decided to start showing 2 blocks per month and that way we will be finished with all 12 houses by December and can start on the borders.   That definitely helped me resume some semblance of excitement about this quilt.  I know I'm going to love it when it's done, it's just getting to that point that I'm having trouble with.    That's why a quilt-a-long is a good thing.   I KNOW that this would have ended up as another UFO if we weren't doing it as a group.  

Soooo, on with the show.

Here are Sandy's (no blog) houses.

And these are mine.

And progress so far.  

Anna didn't get hers finished so next month she'll be showing you TEN blocks, right Anna?  

Head on over to the other contractors who are madly building away.

Paulette, Sandy R, Patty, Jocelyn, Carrie, and Deb.

See you next month for another unveiling.

Hugs, Anne


Country Prims said...

Keep chugging! They will be awesome quilts when finished. I love the look so far.
I have been enviously watching everyones progress and kept looking for the book, but the prices were crazy......until, last month and I found one at a good price, here in the UK! So, me has me my book and have started cutting-might even be enough to get me started blogging again:)

Lesley said...

Oh so wonderful! I love watching the progress and will also enjoy the "speeded up" version. Well done!

Marisa said...

Va a quedarte muy bonito .PAZ Y AMOR

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sorry but this contractor had many delays this month, so NO blocks were made yet. I may be behind, but I'll work on them as I can.

Helen said...

I love your houses. And that quilt pattern. I'm very sad that book is out of print.

Darlene said...

It was a really good show, too! The houses are wonderful and I'm glad you feel better about the whole project. :-)

Sandy said...

Great houses, such variety!

Lori said...

Fantastic blocks!!

Pammy said...

Where is a good source for homespun?