Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've been negligent about posting pictures from our Stitchery Group which meets twice a month at Sew Many Quilts in Bend, OR.   So.......this post might get a bit picture heavy.  

Most of the ladies are working on Kathy Schmitz's Sweet Stitches Block of the Month.   It has been a huge hit for the shop.    They meet once a month to get their new block and to get any help they might need. Then, they come to the Stitchery Group to work on them.

 Works in progress...

Karleen recently had shoulder surgery but it sure hasn't slowed her down.   She has been a busy bee working on her wool projects.  

Here's Pat peeking over her Sunbonnet Sue quilt.

Linda is working on the background for the Buttermilk Basin Wool & Needle project.

A Crabapple Hill design.

Cute pattern by Bird Brain Designs.

I'm not sure what the name of this sweet little mat is, but the shop, Sew Many Quilts, will have kits available for purchase.

Even the back is cute.

Sue is working on the cute embellishments on her Tiny Town block.

A little wool project

Some "blackwork" on this flower basket that Margaret is stitching up.  

And Karleen has moved on from Easter to Christmas.   :)

Even a little cross stitch was being done.  

Oops, I didn't get a picture of what I'm working on so I'll just save it for a future post.  

It's a wonderful group of gals who all share in the love of handwork.  It's great food for the soul!

Hugs, Anne


Yvette said...

What a talented group!

Darlene said...

Incredible talent! I'd really enjoy being a part of a group like that.

I'm working on the Sweet Stitches patterns, too. In fact, I hope to finish stitching the third one this evening.

WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful projects. I am working on some designs from Kathy's book, love her stitchery.


Karen said...

Wonderful projects and lots of inspiration in that group. Love it all. Hugs - Karen

Karen said...

Lots of goodies to look at today. I saw a Sweet Stitches block on a blog a couple days ago and went looking for info on it. Nice BOM blocks but I don't know if I could find time to stitch them.

moosecraft said...

That's a lot of talent!

Lori said...

Beautiful work as well!! So many fun and inspiring projects!!

paulette said...

You are a lucky lady to be a part of such a talented group...and they in turn, are lucky to have you! See it'a s win, win for everyone!

Bev said...

Hi! Can you email me with the link for those adorable patterns that are at the top of your blog? The links aren't working for me and I'd love to order them! They are adorable!

Thanks, Bev

Florida Farm Girl said...

Looks like you guys actually get something done when you get together. Our craft and gab group does more gabbing than anything else!! That and eating, of course.

Candace said...

There's some wonderful stitching going on here, Anne! I've been doing the Sweet Stitches, too - it's such a fun project!

Colleen said...

Ahhh nice eye candy! Thank you!

Crispy said...

Nothin' better than a show 'n tell post. Everyone's projects are beautiful. Kinda makes my fingers itch to do some embroidery :o)


Cathy said...

Sounds like it is really a nice group of girls. They are all so talented and have some really nice projects going. Hugs

Ольга Т. said...

Люблю вышивку, но сама не вышиваю. Очень красивые работы. Интересные.

Carrie P. said...

lots of pretty things. I am working on those Kathy Schmitz patterns too.