Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Snow Child

Every year our county library selects a novel for the largest community read/discussion program in the state of Oregon.   More than 6,000 Deschutes County residents read, discuss and explore one book together.   There are events all over town, including photography and art exhibits, craft projects for the younger set, cooking demonstrations, etc.  The author will also be in Bend on May 3 for conversations regarding her literature.

This year the novel chosen by the library is The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey.  The story takes place in the 1920's in the stark Alaskan landscape.    It is a wonderful book full of imagery with a magical story.  I highly recommend it.  It will continue in your thoughts long after you've finished it.

Quiltworks, in Bend, puts out a challenge to quilters to design a quilt based on their interpretation of the novel.   This year the response was overwhelming with more than 50 quilters bringing their ideas to fabric.  If you live in the area, be sure and visit Quiltworks to see for yourself.   The quilts will be on display the entire month of April.

I'm going to have to spread this over 2 days, otherwise, you will experience picture "overload".   If you haven't read the book yet, I'll put a "label" on this post and you can come back later and see the pictures again.

Here we go.....

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the show.

Hugs, Anne


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Thank you for your fascinating blog post, I will see if I can borrow a copy from the library. Each quilt is a work of art, I love the different ways of depicting the story.

Loris said...

Wow! The quilts are amazing. Definitely makes me want to read the book too!

WoolenSails said...

What a fun idea and community event, loved seeing all of the quilts and their interpretations.


Lorraine said...

What an amazing concept! and These quilts are amazing...looking forward to part two!

Lori said...

Sadly, I could not get into the book. The quilts look wonderful though!

Carrie P. said...

what a great idea. I can definitely see a theme especially with the red mitten.

Kathie said...

oh wow, very creative people I love the quilts.
can't wait to see the next post!
thanks for sharing them with us.
I will check out the book

Cathy said...

What a wonderful idea. Thanks so much for sharing the quilts. They are a quilters delight. Very talented quilters. Hugs

Crispy said...

OMGosh!!! You have some very talented ladies in your neck of the woods.