Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Party continued…

I’m bound and determined to get all these Christmas pictures posted before midnight tonight.    Then we can start the New Year with a blogging clean slate. 

I’m not one to make resolutions because I find it sets me up for failure.  Only once did I make it for the whole year and that was the year I resolved to read a book a week.   It really did feel good to accomplish that.   But that was a long time ago, long before quilting came into my life.    Now, I read in bed at the end of the night and am lucky to get in 10 pages.   

So, if you’ve made resolutions, cheers to you!  I’ll be rooting you on. 

Now, for the rest of the party…

We all give each other the same gifts (that way, no fighting)  LOL.   We all used to hand make these gifts, but sometimes that’s just not possible and really, does it matter?   Nope!

This was my gift to each of them.   I made the mat and Mr. CnW made the wooden candle holder.  
Here’s a close up!
Janet gave each of us this wonderful Snowman to hang on the wall.   
Right now, I don’t have any wall space, so it’s on the stairs.   Cute, huh?
Patty made each of us a pillow and also put together a photo album of our past Christmases.   It was so touching and fun to reminisce!
She made 2 different pillows, but there wasn’t any fighting!   I love the one I got!
Marsha took the next picture and you can tell she was really on drugs for her knee replacement surgery.  Haha.   That’s okay, Marsha, we forgive you!
She made each of us a little quilt and added the candle and wreath.  
I found the perfect spot for it.   
Cathi gave us each a 2014 calendar…it’s her traditional gift to us. She also made each of us these rag trees.  Her grandkids helped her do it.   So cute.   And….a snowman mug for good measure.
Found a place for mine on a nightstand.
When we play all the games, there are door prizes. We each contribute to the gifts.  This is my haul.   I just kind of threw them in this red tool box and I think it’s actually kinda cute. 
And these too!
So, thanks to my wonderful friends for another fabulous Christmas!   I treasure your friendships more than you know!

I had a few questions about the name of the quilt that was in a couple of the pictures from my decorating post.   

It’s called “Sarah’s Star” and it’s from the book “A Nice Mix” by Gerry Kimmel Carr.   It’s an old book, but if you’re interested, you might be able to find it on eBay or Amazon.  
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to stop by my blog, even when I take a break every now and then.   Your support means the world to me.  

I would say that I’m going to try to do better in 2014, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure.    Karen issued a challenge to me to do a post every day during the month of January.   Hmmm, I turned her down, because I know my limitations, but I will try and catch up on all the pictures I have that I haven’t shown you!  Trying is always a good thing!  Smile

Happy New Year!

Hugs, Anne


WoolenSails said...

You girls do know how to have a party and all of the gifts are beautifully made and thoughtful. I want to make some rag trees, need to get some forms next year.

Have a wonderful and safe New Years!


Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

OMGoodness, that is just too beautiful, every gift is over the top, perfect and wonderful! Can i be your friend too?! I'm really nice ;)

Sherrill said...

Oh my gosh, what CUTE gifts!! I MUST have the pattern sources for your cute little mat and the rag tree (PLEEZ! LOL). LOVE all the cuteness!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

How blessed you are to have these wonderful lasting friendships. Your gatherings are inspired and inspiring. Thank you for posting pix of the entire Sarahs Star quilt...I've been wishing to see more than just little snippets of it sine Halloween!

Carol said...

Great post Anne...what a wonderful group of friends...Happy 2014 to you!

chris m said...

Happy New Year Anne!
Thank you for sharing, I really love to read your posts. I am always inspired (and slightly jealous;)) by all your projects. Love the Christmas gifts! You're very fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Chris

moosecraft said...

Every one of those gifts are SUPERBLY AWESOME! Handmade so beautifully! You certainly have gathered a wonderful group of gals! Wishing you all many happy, healthy and humorous years ahead! :-)

Me and My Stitches said...

Wow - what fun you all have and so much talent in all of those amazing gifts! Happy new year to you!

Country Prims said...

Oh what fun you all have and such fabulous gifts! Love all your pics and Happy New Year!

Florida Farm Girl said...

You girls did have a marvelous time, didn't you? I'm happy that you have such wonderful friends.

Happy New Year to you and Mr. CnW. Hope 2014 brings only wonderful things for you.

Jeanna said...

Great friends and great gifts...nothing better :) Happy New Year!

Wendy said...

Happy New Year! You guys party well and make some fantastic gifts for each other. True friendship over flows here.

edie said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I can only imagine how much time is required to prepare a blog post with pictures, and I, as a reader, appreciate all your work. AND, the inspiration. My word for 2014 is Someday as in actually doing some of the quilts that have been on my to-do list for years, those are my someday quilts, and this is their year. One of those quilts is the Sarah's Stars quilt! Best wishes to you for a new year filled with good health, happiness, prosperity of all kinds, joy, and laughter. Take time to do something silly, something that just makes you laugh out loud!

Mary Truax said...

I've really enjoyed the pictures from your Christmas parties. Fun seeing your friends and their homes decorated for the holidays. And the gifts! You are blessed, Anne!

Robyn said...

what lovely gifts! Makes me want to join you all.

Lori said...

I tell ya, you ladies know how to do a Christmas party!!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman! That's quite the Christmas party -- a marathon party! And such gorgeous gifts -- you guys out do yourself!

I'm with you on the blogging every day -- Karen is nuts LOL! Happy Happy New Year -- I hope I see you at market again this year!!!

Kindred Quilts said...

Wow, what fun you all had... and such wonderful gifts for each other! Really enjoyed all the pictures!

Karen said...

Goodness sake you girls know how to rock the house and have a great time. Love everything that you all received - treasures for sure. Don't listen to that Thimbleanna - I should challenge her as well LOL - but I know what she would tell me and not probably as nice as you did LOL.
Hugs - Mrs. Farmhouse

Janet said...

Sounds like you ladies had a fun time. What great gifts too. I enjoy your blog very much even if you go a while without blogging. I like to go back and recap the projects, decoration, etc. Happy New Year.

Nancy said...

Looks like you girls really know how to throw a Christmas party. What wonderful gifts you all give to each other....how nice!
Just read your prior post also and those stockings were filled with such amazing goodies! I want to be part of your parties lol.
Happy New Year!!

Tammy said...

That sounds like so much fun! They are all such beautiful gifts! You all are amazingly talented. Love the game prizes too!

Missie of Traditional Primitives (formerly Hallbrook Designs) said...

Looks like a wonderful party! Some special friends you have, we can tell! I am so glad to be a follower...such beautiful posts...thanks for posting whenever you can! I love it! Happy New Year!

emma said...

love you ladies...AND...that's my FAVORITE quilt ever, mom!