Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Party!

Every year my longtime (sounds better than “old”) girlfriends from CA and I get together for our annual Christmas party.  It’s the highlight of our year and we all look forward to it so much.  
Everyone takes a turn at hosting it (except for me….too far to travel in “iffy” weather).   And, when we aren’t hosting, we are in charge of one of the aspects of the party.  
This year Janet was in charge of our stockings and boy did out do herself!    Check out what we got.
You might want to click and enlarge the photo to see all the goodies.   I’m mad at myself for not getting a picture of all the stockings lined up before the “chaos” began. 
From there, we needed some sustenance so headed for the dining room and dinner.    Cathi and Marsha were in charge of dinner and it was so yummy!  Pork roast with grilled veggies and potatoes.  Oh, and warm homemade applesauce.  Marsha was just 2 weeks out of surgery for a total knee replacement, so she provided Cathi with moral support.  We were just so glad that she was even able to come.  And get this….she lasted the WHOLE evening.  That would be from 5pm – 1am.   Superwoman!
Back row :  Patty and Janet.   Front row, Cathi and Marsha
After dinner it was time for our “Secret Santa” gifts.    First up was Marsha who gave this fabulous little quilt and Wool sign to Janet.    I have that snowman pattern…….LOL
From there, Janet gave her gift to Cathi.  Check out all that loot! 
Cathi’s turn to give her gift to…Marsha.  The snowman in the box is a chalkboard.   How clever!   And I love that snow angel. 
Well, that meant that 2 of us were left, which means we got each other.   
I had Patty and made the little quilt for her.   She has been mentioning that she wanted to find an old sewing machine drawer to decorate with and I found this one when we were in Snohomish, WA. 
I had to put the “stuff” in the drawer at home, dismantle it for the plane ride, and then redo it when I got there.   So, I took a picture at home… LOL
This is what it looked like at the end of the night after Patty added some goodies that she won.  I hope it’s something she uses over and over with the seasons.
Finally………my turn!    Obviously, Patty drew my name.   And look what I got?   OMG….I love the cross stitch so much.   And the clock and little snowballs are just wonderful.
Our secret Santa swap is always so much fun.  
Then it was on to play a few games. (My job)  We actually kept the games to a minimum this year trying to make sure that Marsha didn’t get too tired out.  We wanted her to be able to have enough energy to stay for the whole party.
I found this “pin the nose on the snowman” at the Dollar Tree.   I have to say, it was pretty darn cute and fun.  Here’s Marsha trying to get close.  Not sure if she was trying to peek or what but her hand is sure playing with the mask!
I think Cathi was our legitimate winner, but someone wasn’t close at all.  Can you tell what I’m talking about?   HAHAHA
And then it was time for our standby…JINGO.    Janet and Patty made the game quite a few years ago and it’s so much fun to play.  Bingo with snowmen!
We use Hershey’s kisses as markers.  The games are over when we’ve eaten all the markers.
Oh well, it’s not like we don’t have any sugar!
Now you know how Marsha managed to stick with us!   
Tomorrow, more giftys.   
Hugs, Anne


WoolenSails said...

What a fun celebration with friends, and wonderful gift exchange and dinner.


Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

How much fun is that?! Pretty much fun :)
and the gifts are stunning...each and every one!

Anna said...

I had to blow up all the photos! What a great idea to play games! I love the pin the nose on the snowman!

Sandy F said...

great fun, gifts and friends.
Thanks for sharing

Sandy F said...

great fun, gifts and friends.
Thanks for sharing

Jeanna said...

Oh I seriously laughed out loud about the snowman game. Thank you for sharing these special events with your friends. The world certainly needs more happy stories.

paulette said...

Too much fun!! And the gifts were ALL wonderful!! Pin the 'nose' was hilarious!!

paulette said...

Too much fun!! And the gifts were ALL wonderful!! Pin the 'nose' was hilarious!!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful time you have. Great gifts by everyone. Love pin the nose.... lol

Jenny M said...

It is special when you have great friends to share some fun & laughter with.

Leeanne said...

Oh wow I wanna be one of your friends! What lovely gifts!

Colleen said...

What a fun night! Everyone's gifties are wonderful! I am so glad you had fun :o)

Wendy said...

Your friends know how to have fun! The gifts are fantastic. What a fun tradition for everyone.

Karen said...

So many snowmen in the pictures. A feast for the eyes of a snowman lover. I like that little shirt with the snowman heads that was in the stocking. Did each person get all those items and did the person in charge make the hand-made items that were in the stockings?

Karen said...

Boy you chickies know how to party - wonderful gifties, yummy food and fun games. I'm so glad your tradition of getting together has continued.
Hugs - Karen

Maria Alba said...

Quins treballs mes bonics. Son molt i molt bonics.
Petons per totes !!!!