Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alright, already

I’ve been getting a lot of flak from family and friends to post another update on the house.

I know this is supposed to be a quilty blog but there hasn’t been much quilting going on lately. I’ve been packing and trashing and giving away and also getting some fun fabrics ready to put on the blog for sale. As soon as the boxes I ordered from USPS get here, I’ll get pictures taken of the fat packs and other yardage and get them up for you to pick from. I had thought about setting up a “selling blog”, but I think once I get rid of this stuff, there won’t be much else left to sell. So, I’ll stick to this blog for now.

Anyway, we stopped by the house today to see what progress has been made.


They’ve finished the siding, the trim work, the stone and the roof. All that’s left on the outside is the paint (dark grey with light grey trim), building the columns and putting in the garage door. (I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can think of right now.) Oops, Mr. CnW just let me know that the gutters aren't up yet. LOL.


This is the view from the front door. See that catwalk at the top? That leads to my nest. On my way there, I’ll be able to look over into the entry and also the Great Room.


If you come and visit me, I’ll be able to greet you from the catwalk! Hi there!


The ceiling is coffered in the entry, the dining room and the master bedroom. We will put rope lighting up there for a nice effect. (That’s Mr. CnW in his den).


This is the great room. The fireplace will have stone all the way up in the arched part. That's the staircase going to my nest on the left.


Now we’re walking into my nest. That door on the right leads out to a deck. I’m embarrassed to tell you that it’s actually there for Jack (the kitty). No joke!

057Looking back at the entrance.

See the attic on the left? Nice surprise with that. The architect told us he found some attic space for us and we just said “that’s nice”. We figured we’d be crawling thru rafters to store things. Little did we realize that he had designed the trusses so that we would have straight walls and a flat ceiling.

This is what it looks like taken from the nest doorway.


And this is looking back toward my nest.


Do you know how much fabric can be stored in there? Wheee!

When walking out of my room to go downstairs, there’s a large window above the stair landing. This was the view today.


We think they will be doing the texturing of the walls next and it may be painted by the end of next week. Exciting to see it all coming together.

Remember this picture?


Well, that contraption is a reel used by the electricians to pull the wire off. You won’t believe what I thought it was. It was mounted to the wall where the gas stovetop is going, so I thought it had something to do with that. LOL I bet you don’t want me building your house!

I loved reading what you all thought it was. Very cute ideas. Erin from The Rusty Nickel got it right. (Helps to have a hubby who is a contractor). Smile

That’s it for now. Next, I might share some of my choices for tile. I’m starting to second guess myself. I think I’ve second guessed myself on every decision so far. Arghhh!

Hugs, Anne


Anonymous said...

I think hubby and I will be coming up to Bend in June to visit my mom and do a little quilt shopping with my SIL. Will your lovely home be done by then? I'd love to see your nest! I am so jealous!

sewprimitive karen said...

HOW gorgeous!! I hope you are going to use that whole "found" space for your quilting storage. It is divine. And the view, wow!!

little acorns said...

It all looks wonderful!. . . I'm especially excited for your sewing 'nest'. . . (& storage!!!) I'm so excited for you!. . (& for Jack. . . getting his own balcony!). . . (don't tell Bailey!)
xo, Bren

Michelle said...

Yeah! Great progress. Cannot wait to see the next progress. Does your living room look out onto the canal and Crystals house? the inside looks an awful like a house that my best friend built up here in Portland about 10 years ago. Thanks again for sharing.

Michelle said...

Ah, just looked back at the other pics...looks as if your sewing room looks out to Crystals house! Wave to her and tell her I said hello! I sure hope their roof/house is going to be alright. And I hope you get to meet her. Her and her family are wonderful! Her mom quilts too!

Sue said...

Its lovely for me to look at your pictures from an overseas guest- I can't believe how quickly your house has gone up- I know its because it is wood framed- I wish we had more of these building methods here in the UK it would make homes for the young more viable. Land prices are horrendous here.
I am going to look forward to seeing how your sewing nest looks.

Kathie said...

beautiful. ok now you need to have the contractor build shelves in that walkin closet for storage
of course one wall of shelves should be for baskets and fabric storage, trust me you will be happy you did this
oh can't you imagine it now?

Stephanie said...

Lucky Jack! I love the curved doorways. Your nest is awesome and I thought the same thing when I saw the extra space--fabric storage! I think if I lived there I'd never need a vacation...gorgeous home and beautiful views.

Crispy said...

Wow it's really taking shape!! I love how almost every picture includes commentary on the NEST LOL. Lucky Jack to have his own deck!!


Anna said...

WOW! what a difference a couple of weeks make! I can't wait for another tour!

Lori said...

Oh my! It is coming along so fast and soon you'll be moving in!! Love the "attic"- wish mine was like that.

paulette said...

Your house is going to be absolutely stunning!! You can tell already!! The space and light are incredible!! You are going to love it!

Linda said...

Wow it's so gorgeous already! Progressing nicely. I'm so excited for you! I hope that you'll keep posting pics and updates.

Yvette said...

I am so excited for you! The house is really coming along.

Talin's Corner said...

It looks great so far. I love how open it is. Enjoy!

Darlene said...

Looking fabulous! Love the attic space next to your nest - perfect. ;-)

Loris said...

Your house is looking lovely! What nice big rooms. And so good of you to build for the cat :-) We built for dogs and cats too. They are appreciative but it also makes it alot easier on us.

PamKittyMorning said...

wow it seems to be going so fast right? Probably not for you. It will be wonderful when you move!

Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful to have a door for Jack. :-) That was so sweet to read.
Oh goodness that is some serious attic space! Will it have temperature control? Just think you can turn that into your storage room for fabrics and such and get yourself a longarm! :0) You've got the space!!! Love that cat walk too...I already see your beautiful quilts hanging over and changing with the seasons.

Sandi said...

Your new home is going to be lovely. As I write this, I can hardly believe that I am writing from my nest and we are in our fourth year here. Oh, how I love having been able to have a say in the design. We don't have any usable attic space but we have a huge basement. My husband spent this past winter finishing it off and making one room a finished storage room. And yep, I store fabric in there so I know you can put lots in that attic room! How convenient it is that it's right off your nest! I have to make a trip downstairs if what I want isn't in the boxes in my room, but then I get to call that "exercise". It's fun to see your space take shape. Quilty posts will come when it's done!

Sandy F said...

It is amazing what progress was made in a couple of weeks. Do I see another tour in sight?? It will be so fun when it is all painted. Looks great!

The Rusty Nickel said...


I LOVE YOUR FIREPLACE!! It's all looking so good. And your nest, ohh to have a place to go and get away from it all :) Things are moving along nicely. It's so exciting to walk in and see all the changes! If I were you, I wouldn't sleep at night, thinking of your new canvas to decorate :) I read all peoples guesses about what the reel was for, to my husband and the guy who works for him, they thought some were quite funny! Some were quite clever ideas!

Have a great Sunday!

Carol said...

Oh Anne it's fabulous! Your choices are going to be great...when you go with what you love, you can't go wrong.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...


Its really coming along fast, I agree with Carol.
I love the light that you have through your windows too, that little extra space storage area has lots of potential. It's so nice to have an organized space for decorations, and very important stuff!!
Thanks for sharing, don't work to hard on your packing, what a job.

Candace said...

Wow - it really looks close to that finish line! How nice for Jack to be able to sunbathe on the deck! Hopefully you'll join him now and then! Love the arches and I can't wait to see the stone work! Wondered what you had been up to - emailed a couple of times but didn't hear back! I'm glad all is well and progress is fast!

Carrie P. said...

Well it is coming right along and with all that snow it is a good thing they can work inside now.

Colleen said...

Love how everything is coming out.. and I can just picture a beautiful quilt hanging from the catwalk area!

suz said...

It looks like it is going to be absolutely wonderful! Love that you got extra space in the attic - nice contractor!